/Lugaris, Barcelona’s Not so Hidden Gem

Lugaris, Barcelona’s Not so Hidden Gem

Apartments can cater for everyone from families to a solo traveller. The standard of accommodation is high. Even budget price accommodation is clean and well maintained. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re travelling on a budget you can expect a good place to stay.  If you want a more high-end luxury accommodation, Lugaris offers the best apartments for visiting Barcelona. Here, you will find everything from the best views, the best fittings, and the best technology.

Many visitors to Barcelona stay in Lugaris utilizing the self – catering option. This provides a home from home feel and avoids the rigidity of hotels. Here, you can prepare food yourself which is ideal if you have certain dietary requirements, or you want a quieter day. Indeed, preparing a meal before visiting Barcelona is a good budget option if you don’t mind cooking and doing the dishes afterwards.

Lugaris Beach

Barcelona is a coastal city and is blessed with beautiful beaches. One of the best beaches is in Lugaris itself and is only a short walk from anywhere in the district. The sand is golden and soft and the views of the ocean profound. The beach is used by sun seekers and families, and there are quiet spots which are easily found.

One of these quiet spots is Playa de Llevant. Here, the locals come to enjoy the delights and to escape the crowds that come when the weather is warm. You can walk a dog on this beach which is quite rare in Barcelona. The beach has a laidback vibe and surfers braving the waves are often seen.

Many of the excellent walking tours take you to the beaches. These tours offer a great way to get to know the city and its vibrant culture.

Savouring the Culture of Barcelona and Lugaris

Like all the great cities no two districts are the same and the cultural differences though subtle can be perceived.

In Barcelona, Lugaris with its arty feel has a number of places where the culture can be relished and enjoyed. Rambla del Poblenou is where Lugaris locals meet, eat and drink. The atmosphere is relaxed and the food excellent. If you’ve had a busy day in the city and just a need a place to relax, here you can do so without tourist crowds. Spending a few moments soaking up what you see brings its own delights.

El Poblenou is one of those amazing places where no two visits are the same. This part of Barcelona has been sanctioned by city officials as a place where artists can come and express their creativity. A canvass is a wall or anywhere a person can apply a paint brush. Works are regularly painted over so new pieces can be seen daily.

Originally El Poblenou was an industrial town. When globalization bit many of the factories closed as production moved overseas. It is no stretch to say that this part of Barcelona has been reinvented by artists.

Getting Around

As well as being a culture-packed place wider Barcelona is easily accessible from Lugaris. The city’s transportation is excellent and is well served by the FGC, trams, buses, and the metro. In addition, there are plenty of taxi services and Uber is available.

Lugaris is particularly well served by bus. If you want to keep fit, however, cycling is an option. It is a popular sport and pastime in the city, and there are plenty of bike hire companies. In fact, cycling lets you soak in the changing landscape of the city as you ride through the lanes and quiet roads that is Barcelona.

It all starts with Accommodation

To find the best accommodation you should visit Lugaris.com. It has everything a traveller needs whether you are travelling alone or with a group and caters for all budgets.

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