/Is Your HomeAway ‘Instagrammable’?

Is Your HomeAway ‘Instagrammable’?

Did you know that more than 40 percent of millennial travellers under the age of 33 prioritise travel destinations based on how socially shareable or ‘instagrammable’ it is?

With millennials being one of the largest traveller markets, it is increasingly important for homeowners to stand out among competitors and attract them to your house.

We’ve got you covered with tips to increase the chances of being a main feature on your guests’ Instagram profile!

  1. Keep your home neat and tidy with as little items as possible. This will not only make your home looks organised, but it will also save a lot of time for you during clean-up and turnover.
  2. Store and organise loose items. Items such as universal plug extension cord and cleaning supplies, while incredibly useful, can add more clutter to your space. Consider storing all of these items away in labelled drawers and cabinets to keep your home looking more spacious and inviting.
  3. Spice things up with a touch of quirkiness! Being normal is not necessarily a virtue. Your home can still be cozy and homely without being boring. Try adding a pop of colour or pattern in each room, or adding elements like a colourful throw, floral centrepiece or a vintage chair. The contrasts in colour creates a pleasing first impression, and your guests would be enticed to grab their phone and share it with friends and family.
  4. Feature it on a wall. Empty walls are boring. Period. Instead of leaving it empty, why don’t you use your walls to tell a story by decorating them? You can decorate the walls with a local painting like our partner in Japan; or even make a wall fully writable for guests to leave their notes and momentos like another other partner in New York, USA. These ideas don’t need to be expensive. Let your imagination run wild!
Kyoto, Japan 
New York. USA

What else can you do?

  • A Bright New Day
    Who doesn’t love some sunshine? Your guests will record your HomeAway and share it with their loved ones as soon as they check-in into your property. As such, do not forget to open the curtain and turn on all the lights if you can, before they arrive. Opening the curtain would not only let the natural light stream into the house, but it also allows the guests to check out the gorgeous views!
  • Simply be a Nice Host
    Little acts of kindness mean a lot to some people. By placing local snacks, drinks or a handwritten note on the table, guests will not only appreciate it, but also openly share their appreciation with their followers on Instagram. These little acts will not take or cost much to you, but will mean heaps to your guests.

We have just shown you how to make your home ‘instagrammable’ without spending much more. Your home is already great as it is, but with some minor touch-ups it could be even better!

Psst, did you also know that we regularly feature unique and beautiful HomeAways on our Instagram page? Check them out on @homeawayasia for more inspiration, or let us know if you want to be featured!