/5 Beaches in Bali That are Beyond Stunning!

5 Beaches in Bali That are Beyond Stunning!

Atuh Beach- for the solitude
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Tune out of the civilization at the stunning yet secluded Atuh beach. Fall in love with the sound of waves crashing on the shore against the rustle of the cool wind. If you’re feeling adventurous, trek all the way up to the cliffs to enjoy what could be one of the most breathtaking views you might ever see.

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HolidayIQ traveller Vipul says “Perfect place for all kind of travellers. To relax, adventure sports, island hopping, snorkelling. Food is amazing and the beaches are crystal clear. People are amazing and so friendly. Definitely, want to visit again.”

Canggu- for those who love surfing and yoga!
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Fall in love with the royal blue waves and enjoy the fun water parks while you calm your senses with some Desai Seni yoga in this quaint coastal village. You could always give kitesurfing and windsurfing a shot if you feel like doing something adrenaline pumping!

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HolidayIQ traveller Sanjay says “Strolling along the beach lines is an unforgettable experience. The attendants could enjoy sea surfing or just swim at a certain safe location at the beach. In the afternoon if you are lucky you would see the beautiful panorama of sunset.”

Amidst the magical hot springs and dolphins of Lovina
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Lovina is a location with countless options: taste the best Indonesian chocolate at the cocoa grounds or go ahead and indulge in Dolphin and Whale watching tours organized here.

HolidayIQ traveller Vikash “It was an out of the earth feeling. We enjoyed the boat ride. The rocks and surroundings made it more scenic.”

The stunning sunset and intoxicating nightlife of Kuta
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Kuta being one of the cleanest beaches in Bali is an absolute heaven for surfers and beach bums. Especially known for fast-paced nightlife Kuta offers you the chance to indulge in the best of authentic Balinese cuisine.

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HolidayIQ traveller Saranya Kalutla says “Party place! Kuta has all kinda parties and nightlife. If you love partying this is the place. Every street every building has something going on. Legian is another place for better but Kuta is much better for nightlife.”


Relaxing just got a new address, Jimbaran Beach
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Holidays are meant to relax so it’s okay to keep your ‘things to see’ list on hold because, on Jimbaran Beach, the real beauty is right in front of you. Spend your day sunbathing on a sunlounger, eat delicious seafood or take a dip in the blue waters of an unbroken coral reef.

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HolidayIQ traveller Sonam Choudhary says “Jimbaran is a paradise for seafood lovers. It has a number of restaurants on the beachfront where you get amazing seafood. The place is very clean and has a very good view. Enjoy sitting on lounge chairs by the beach.”

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